Doing Mobile Video Right with Rajesh Pantina, InMobi

Rajesh Pantina, Head of Marketing, the Asia Pacific at InMobi in the discussion with Research NXT shares the latest trends in the digital space including the importance of leveraging mobile video, the rise of a programmatic, and growing focus on ad quality and brand safety.

Importance of organizational alignment and clear content goals

Rickard talks about how new-age marketers can engage with prospects using content that is human, relatable, and not too formal. He emphasizes that marketing is as much about aligning the internal organization as it is about external communication.

How Marketing Automation evolved in India?

How Marketing Automation evolved in India? Santosh Abraham, Founder and Lead Analyst, Research NXT had a very insightful conversation with Kalpit Jain, CEO, Netcore.  In this interview, Kalpit shared how his normal day at work pans out. He explained how marketing automation has evolved over the couple of decades in India and how netcore has […]

How to measure Return on Investment (ROI) of MarTech

Veer has been in the internet and mobile industry for past 19 years. He shares his view on how Marketing Technology has evolved over the last 2 decades in India and When is it time for an organisation to should start measuring ROI of its Marketing Technology.

Is adoption of Marketing Automation in India different from the US?

Kamini talks about the difference in the adoption pattern of Marketing Automation in Indian markets vs. US markets. She explains why the features of a MAS solution intended for B2C companies would differ from the features of automation solutions utilized by B2B players.