How Marketing Automation evolved in India?

Santosh Abraham, Founder and Lead Analyst, Research NXT had a very insightful conversation with Kalpit Jain, CEO, Netcore.  In this interview, Kalpit shared how his normal day at work pans out. He explained how marketing automation has evolved over the couple of decades in India and how netcore has played a part in it. He elaborated on how Netcore is managing rapid technology changes happening across the industry. Kalpit also revealed the scope and opportunity of Marketing Automation in Asian countries and how Netcore is planning to capitalize it. He also spoke about how as an organization, Netcore aims to help the marketer get a better Conversion Rate Optimization by enabling brands to engage in a much more personalized and individualized manner with their customers.

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Kalpit jain

Kalpit is a Digital Technologist with over 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation space. Currently positioned as the Chief Executive Officer of Netcore, he helps drive solid, customer focused results. While product innovation excites him, he is instrumental for architecting Netcore’s email flagship products.

Associated with the company since its inception days, he has been a key contributor in shaping Pre-Sales, Client Servicing, Technology, Operations and Product Development functions. Kalpit has played a crucial role in Netcore’s stellar growth from a start-up to a Modern India leader in the Marketing Technology space.

He has always been at the forefront to determine and manage company’s strategies and goals to ensure continuous and focused growth of the business. He envisions a global presence of Netcore in the Marketing Technology space through Marketing Automation platform that helps brands deliver exceptional customer experience.

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