Importance of organizational alignment and clear content goals

In this Research NXT Interview, the CMO of Strossle, Rickard Lawson, talks about how new-age marketers can engage with prospects using content that is human, relatable, and not too formal. He emphasizes that marketing is as much about aligning the internal organization as it is about external communication. Additionally, from a technology perspective, Rickard believes in simplicity and advises not to fall for every new fad. 

Key takeaways from this Research NXT interview:

  •  Internal organizational alignment to achieve inclusive marketing success.
  •  Importance of setting the right content marketing goals.
  •  Also, how not to use new tech as a solution looking for a problem.

What according to you, are the most significant trends around content consumption in your industry?

Rickard:  Strossle is a media technology company. We are committed to and invested in creating and sustaining a robust media industry. Interestingly we see that there is an emergence of new, high-quality media brands that influence the way we ourselves consume media, within that industry. Just in Norway, where I’m based, there has been a surge of niched media companies in tech, media, and, the advertising industry. In sum, these create a more diverse media landscape, but also heavily influence how content is consumed.

 What are the new skills marketers in your industry will need to ace up going ahead into 2020?

Rickard:  Our sector is built on primarily the product quality, but that’s just a hygiene factor now. Understanding and empathy with client goals are at the core of both product and business development; however, being able to communicate how we add value to them in their daily operations is the key. Advertising alone cannot achieve this as the entire organization from sales staff to tech-teams, and the boardroom is involved. Marketing is as much about aligning the organization as external communication

How, according to you, should a CMO approach investment in content marketing with so many options around?

Rickard:  Be human! B2B and B2C are only different in the sense that we think of the client as an entity. However, the driving force behind those entities is still people. Creating great content is about adding value to the lives of people! Far too often, B2B marketing becomes bland or very professional, and I hate seeing that. The best content is always something that the audience can relate to without being too formal.

Now that we’ve reached the point where content marketing stacks have become the norm. How do marketing teams manage so many tools seamlessly and concentrate on the actual creative work of content marketing?

Rickard:  Haha. There’s far too much hype around new technology and solutions in the stacks of marketers. Find (and keep) a simple way to track your marketing output and stick with it. Adding software and solutions for every conceivable aspect of content (or any other form of) marketing means you’re just updating your tools and not getting any work done. New tech is often just a solution looking for a problem. Don’t respond to every new fad.

Do you truly believe and see value on research-based content marketing as a winning strategy?

Rickard:  I see the value of an apparent “job-to-be-done” role of content. Having a clear goal for every piece of content in terms of what should the reader/consumer perceives differently after engaging with your content is half the job. Measuring that goal is the other half. If you focus on that, you can create great, lasting content that moves the needle for your brand.

Thank you, Rickard, for sharing your thoughts. We hope to talk to you again soon.