Is adoption of Marketing Automation in India different from the US?

In this discussion with Santosh Abraham, Lead Analyst at Research NXT, Kamini talks about the difference in the adoption pattern of Marketing Automation in Indian markets vs. US markets. India is now at the stage where US was 3 years ago. This is soon going to be the year of “early majority” for MAS in India. Kamini explains why the features of a MAS solution intended for B2C companies would differ from the features of automation solutions utilized by B2B players. She also answers a very pertinent question relevant to almost all B2C marketers in India – do we need a customized marketing automation solution tailored to suit our specific requirements, or can global MAS software fill the gap?

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Kamini Rupani

Kamini Rupani is the Chief Marketing Officer at Netcore. She drives end-to-end Marketing and communication activities at Netcore. She is a Senior Corporate Strategy & Marketing Executive, with over 2 decades of International Marketing, Branding and Business Development experience across several industries viz. Ecommerce, Analytics, IT & Telecom.