Fighting terrorism to delivering Pizza, Drones are used to perform a variety of mission critical tasks now.

Drones are efficiently replacing the connected sensors  with a device that is deployable to different locations, capable of carrying flexible payloads, re-programmable in mission and able to measure just about anything, anywhere.

Though drones have a general perception of being used in military operations, they are also used across multiple industries.

Drones have been operating in energy, mining, mapping and surveying companies are refereed as commercial drones which are truly ‘unmanned aircraft systems’. These drones have the ability to fly at any remote location and carry processors to collect each and every piece of the information related to the task assigned. The data collected is sent to cloud server to interpretation & analytics.

For e.g. A California based company 3DR, is committed to help people to survey their land, capture 3D images and process those image using its integrated software.

One of the many things commercial users look for is the ability to mount different sensors like thermal imaging, UV or multi-spectral cameras, sniffers and microphones to their drones.  PrecisionHawk, an information delivery company combins unmanned aerial systems with cutting-edge artificial intelligence & remote sensing technologies to improve business operations and day-to-day decision  making. 

Nixie developed an interesting wearable drone that can be attached to the wrist and launched into the air, follows you and record.  The design was the winner  of Intel’s “Make it Wearable” contest 2015.  It uses Edison chip to track where the location of the person and records  with its inbuilt camera, avoiding potential obstacles in the path. It includes a processor, bluetooth low energy radio and an engine that is dedicated to work out different sporting conditions.  

DroneDeploy has developed a cloud-based drone mapping software that helps businesses solve critical problems quickly. This platform offers a powerful range of products that enables its customers to easily collect and analyze aerial data using any type of drone.

According to a study by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the drone and  UAV, industry in the U.S. could produce up to 100,000 new jobs and add $82 billion in economic activity spanning between 2015 and 2025.

These numbers are definitely eye popping but it would not come as surprise considering innovations happening in drone industry and the big players in Enterprise IoT space making efforts to bring innovative solutions using drones.