The new normal accelerate India Inc.’s need for Cloud Computing in 2021 & Beyond

According to IDC’s COVID-19 Impact on IT spending Survey, 64% of India’s organizations are expected to increase demand for cloud computing due to the evolved nature of doing business in the pandemic. Additionally, 56% of organizations will rely on cloud software to support their businesses in the new normal.

Out of the many emerging technologies, cloud computing is gaining precedence because of the pandemic’s effects and how businesses are reimagining their digital transformations. In essence, we must take stock of how the new normal has accelerated India Inc.’s need for cloud computing in 2021 and beyond. 

The intention is to rack up insights on India’s progressing cloud computing market and create a ready reckoner guide for the Indian cloud transformation custodians. The report will focus on the top trends and stats emerging in the various business sectors and how organizations plan and leverage the cloud in the new normal. 

This study is a distinctive initiative by MothersonSumi INfotech & Designs Ltd. (MIND), an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS. The report is based on interviews with senior IT leaders and stakeholders from Education, K12 focused ISVs, Government, NPOs, and organizations of all levels.

This project’s research partners are Research NXT, an innovative market research company covering in-depth Research, Insights, and Expert Views on trending Enterprise Technologies.

What can you expect from the research?

  • India’s evolving cloud computing landscape with a focus on adoption trends by service and deployment types.
  • India’s current cloud technology priorities identifying sector-wise expectations and appetite.
  • Top cloud adoption and management challenges faced by Indian organizations and institutions.
  • And finally, the inferences of the findings will predict the future of cloud computing in India in 2021 and beyond.

We also have a bonus section that will feature opinions and suggestions from top cloud leaders from India in full-fledged interviews. Indeed, each of our report readers will take away valuable peer insights backed by actual use cases.

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