A first-of-its-kind research to supplement a new product launch

Netcore was introducing their new brand identity and simultaneously launching their new AI-powered Multichannel Marketing Automation & Analytics Suite (Smartech). They wanted to supplement the occasion with:

  • A first-of-its-kind thought leadership report focused on the target market.
  • In the process, connect with top Indian B2C brand marketers and create mindshare.
  • Penetrate a scaling stage market with the right knowledge and approach.

Interview: Evolution of Marketing Automation in India

Key Deliverable

150+ Survey

Interviews With 18 Marketing Leaders

The First report on B2C Marketing Automation in India

400+ Targted MQL

“Before adopting any marketing technology it is important to genuinely understand the needs of your customers.”

Meera Iyer, Head of Marketing | Bigbasket

“All your service systems, social media and marketing campaigns should be connected to one single system to get Unified Customer View.”

Prasad Pimple, AVP – Marketing | HDFC Life

B2C Marketing Automation Report, INDIA, 2017

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  • How Marketing Automation has evolved in India.
  • What are the best practices and preparation required to implement Marketing Automation.
  • How latest trends like AI in Marketing [Chatbots, Machine Learning] is impacting businesses.