How Predictive Healthcare will increase Life Expediency?

In one of the panel discussions at TiECon Pune 2016, Niddhi Saxena, CEO at Zoctrc, walked us through the future of Healthcare. She says, “Preventive Healthcare & Long Term care would evolve as the largest segments in Healthcare & IoT in Healthcare is the key to this change”.

Have you ever imagined a scenario where your family doctor is at your doorstep just at the time you are about to get a heart attack, or your mobile phone sends a notification stating, “Your mother could be at a risk of getting a heart attack, please take her to a nearby hospital”?

Well, it is possible! Let’s discuss in brief what IoT can do in the field of Healthcare, rather than ‘Predictive Healthcare’.

IoT applications in Healthcare can be grouped into functions like Tracking of Objects & People, Identification, Authentication, Automatic Data Collection and Sensing. Key applications using IoT in Healthcare can be put under the following three categories:

Remote Patient Monitoring 

Many people around the world suffer due to a lack of access to effective health monitoring. Companies such as Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra, HCL have come up with small, powerful wireless solutions connected through IoT, making it possible to securely capture patient health data through a variety of sensors, analysing the data and sharing it through wireless connectivity with medical professionals, so that they can make appropriate health recommendations.

Mobile System Access

The medical system can be automated with easy to use mobile app interfaces. Applications used in mobiles for monitoring and delivery of Healthcare are termed as m-Health. DoctorOnDemand, HealthTap, HelloMD are some of the healthcare apps that are keeping patients connected to their doctors.

Early Intervention / Prevention

People can also benefit from IoT-driven monitoring of their daily activities. A simple IoT wearable and a mobile app can connect people to their doctor and family members. For, e.g. a Company called Validic connects your Fitbit to your doctor.