An Insight into RateGain’s Content Marketing Strategy

A perfect blend of Content Marketing and SEO strategies could give an overwhelming CTR. The overriding factor is to maintain that “perfect blend”, in keeping with current trends and scenarios. It is important to consider various marketing tools while framing SEO strategies for results better than expected.

How does it actually work?

How to achieve it?

What to do?

Many questions like these might ring in your head. You will have answers to all. Read on.

As you might already know, Digital Marketing is like a sky full of possibilities with numerous rising trends. The key is to choose the best trends and instill them in your SEO strategies.

Let’s discuss the trends which are likely to give the best results with minimal efforts:

  • Voice Search is the new cool stuff which is convenient and is rapidly gaining popularity among users. Using simple language in a conversational manner not only makes articles more readable but also boosts chances for better SEO. Also, be relevant and try using the keyword tool.
  • The trend of Bite-Sized Content has brought revolution in the manner we consume media and information over the internet. To ace this, you must produce easily readable content which is preferably small in size and structured properly. Example: Listicles.
  • Context is the King. Google has adopted context through which it shows topic-based search results. To use this trend for your benefit, you must know the intent of readers and all the keywords and phrases related to your topic. For example, while writing about a book, cover all the crucial aspects of the book.
  • Building content around keywords is a big NO. Google Trends is a tool to help you find out the trending topics and to hammer your competitors, find out what they are writing about using the cogntiviveSEO Social Visibility Tool. These are better options than fending for those keywords with no aim to serve the user.
  • You might have searched for keywords with suffixes “near me”. It is time to use that as a tool for your own write-ups. Optimize for local searches and see the results yourself.

Closely observing the Content Marketing trends will guide you while formulating optimal SEO strategies. It is fundamental to understand the current trends in the market and to know how to manipulate those trends for our benefit, to get better results with very little effort.