The gifting industry in India has registered a strong growth over the past decade thanks to consumer’s rising income levels and ambitions. Of the overall Industry, corporate sector enjoys the lion’s share.

It is of utmost importance for an organization to make sure they keep in touch with their customers to nurture the relationship and encourage future business. This is the reason why Corporate gifting has become an integral part of the marketing and branding efforts of many companies. Along with customers, gifting has also been a part of employee rewards and recognition programmes across many corporations in India.

Table of Content

Table of content

Reports Highlights

67% Of respondents have a well-defined budget for Corporate Gifting.

37% Of respondents spend an average of INR 500-1000 per unit on Corporate Gifts.

#1 Pharma Sector is the top buyer of Corporate Gifts followed by, BFSI, TTHL & IT Sectors.

73% Of respondents consider innovation & packaging very important while buying Corporate Gifts.

68% Of Sellers list their products on online portals like Amazon and Flipkart, while only 29% of buyers are buying from online venues.

64% Of respondents consider Quality of participants as the most important factor while considering a Gifting Exhibition.

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