HYSEA hosted its first ever business summit – BIZ Summit 2020-Expanding Growth Horizons’at Avasa Hotels in Hyderabad. The business summit was focused on outstanding business leaders providing trade insights and effective strategies for expanding growth horizons. The summit highlighted the

NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum 2019

NASSCOM MarTECH Confluence 2019

Technology is at the heart of businesses today and is reshaping strategy, culture, jobs, policy and everything we do. The business community finally seems to have embraced the technological revolution and has begun adapting to a

NASSCOM MarTECH Confluence 2017

NASSCOM MarTECH Confluence 2017

NASSCOM Martech Confluence 2017 will provide a unique forum for marketing technologists, marketers, and digital leaders to come together and explore the exciting potential of newer technologies for intelligent marketing. The confluence with the theme ‘Re-imagining