A Landmark Culmination of Insights in Marketing!

Netcore Solutions is a global Marketing Technology company that offers solutions to help brands and enterprises in customer acquisition, engagement, and retention through Marketing Automation, Analytics and AI/ML powered solutions.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, Netcore started a much-anticipated initiative of reaching out to the top consumer-facing brands in India to understand how they have been innovating and using AI-powered tools in the unforeseen market conditions. Hence, they teamed up with Research NXT and started engaging with top thought leaders to explore their expert opinions. This resulted in the first “Book on AI in Marketing” during the pandemic and has thought-provoking trends and insights best in the class.

Client Testimonial

Rohit Srivastav – Head of Growth Marketing | Netcore

Netcore teamed up with Research NXT and initiated a much-anticipated business-facing study in India to understand the adoption of AI-powered marketing tools in unforeseen market conditions.

We engaged with 20+ top thought leaders. This resulted in the first “Book on AI in Marketing” during the pandemic and has best-in-class thought-provoking trends and insights

Key Deliverable

Insights From 4 thought Leaders

Interviews With 18 Marketing Leaders

first of its kind interactive ebook

REPORT LAUNCH with 300+ Attendees

“AI is productized as simplified AI is already used across organizations. I don’t think organizations need to reach a particular maturity level to implement AI.”

David Raab, Founder CDP Institute

“Most marketers still remain somewhat surprised by just how many different tools they can have in their stack.”

Scott Brinker, Editor at chiefmartech.com

Strategy & Trends Report, India 2020

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Netcore and Research NXT culminated their 6 month journey to build the market knowledge in AI in Marketing, and speaking to 10+ marketing leaders in the industry with a virtual event.

Watch this amazing interaction for in-depth insight in the field of Personalization in Marketing.