2024 Outlook on Maturing Digital CX and the role of Indian GCCs

Indian Capability Units are pivotal in shaping the CX strategies of global enterprises. Indian GCCs/GBSs innovate and automate multi-functional business operations as strategic global capability centres, and insights from Bamboo Reports (a Research NXT product) recognize that 50% of all GCCs globally are stationed in India.

These GCCs leverage the latest available tech for supporting the strategic digital transformation initiatives, including product/service launches of global enterprises for improving digital customer experiences.

But how are they enabling these transformative journeys? What role do they play in ensuring Digital CX excellence is delivered within the planned time frame? And, finally, what challenges are faced and overcome by Digital CX custodians of these Indian GCCs?

To answer all these very relevant and pressing questions, we at ResearchNXT are in the process of crafting an eBook focusing on the transformative role of Indian GCCs in Digital Customer Experience (CX). This initiative highlights the in-house GCC model’s potential and real-world applications and gathers actionable insights from thought leaders.

Maturing Digital Customer Experience Needs:

Present-day instinctive buyers demand near-precise and seamless buying journey personalizations across all touch points. These evolving customer expectations have created an entirely different ball game for the custodians of Customer Experience management across all businesses. As prospects and customers constantly maneuver platforms, channels, and even stages of their buying journey, the erstwhile CMS doesn’t suffice to cater to the heightened requirements of today’s customers. 

The brand’s digital experience management systems should inherently be integrated across all core business units and technologies to serve the business’s greater strategic customer experience management focus and goals. Connected to this leap in the overall customer experience ecosystem, some unique and specific trends have emerged gradually that define the base of any mature digital customer experience system.

Role of Indian GCCs in enabling Digital CX: How are Indian GCCs enabling these transformative journeys?

With ~50% of the global GCCs stationed in India, it’s no wonder that the Indian shared services centres are pivotal in shaping the CX strategies of global enterprises. Indian GCCs are the tactical capability units of multiple innovative multinational businesses that are set up to execute multi-functional business operations not just as back-end centres but as strategic global capability centres.

These GCCs are innovating how technology is leveraged for their brand’s digital transformation initiatives, including product/service launches for improving digital customer experiences.

Major CX Trends that GCCs of Global Enterprises Must Be Ready for in 2024: Digital CX excellence delivered accurately and timely

While emerging CX expectations pose some challenging conditions for brands ahead in 2024, Digital Experience platforms continue gaining traction in the global shared services hubs of enterprises across sectors as the overall DXP architecture, while enabling CX, can also collect and analyze customer data to deliver business value across business functions.

Prioritizing CX while embracing advanced privacy guidelines will pave the way to more robust customer-centric strategies. Here are three CX trends to watch that global enterprises’ GCCs are embracing in 2024 and beyond.

Ability to align and deliver with the emerging Digital CX themes:

Dynamically changing customer expectations call for accelerated and agile CX deployment scenarios. Enhanced CX effectively means experiences that are personalized, context-based, and seamless across all interaction mediums (digital or physical). Key digital CX themes that the GCCs need to incorporate in their strategic initiatives tactically are Hyper-Personalization & Connected Commerce, the use of conversational marketing techniques, evaluating the possibilities of AI in DCX, and intelligent use of first-party data.

Departmental Applications of DXP in leveraging Customer engagement insights:

The essence of DXP is that it runs across the organization, connecting functional departments cohesively to enable exceptionally consistent and seamless digital customer experiences anytime anyone interacts with the brand. In the process, each strategic business function is fed with insights to contribute to the greater business goal of being more relevant in the marketplace. So, looking at the various departmental capabilities that a DXP can unlock and activate is the first thing a GCC should consider.

Key CX challenges that are faced by GCCs of global enterprises:

Barring the generic challenges of enabling CX across the spectrum of digital mediums, i.e. data privacy concerns, and regulatory and compliance norms, there is a deep need for sustainable CX innovation to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Another not-so-obvious situation that GCC leaders face while implementing processes for improvising CX strategies is the need to manage stakeholders’ expectations across the larger global team within the organization. Such unforeseen challenges can be handled effectively by ensuring a systematic mechanism to address new leaders’ changing and diverse expectations during the ongoing CX enablement program.

Going beyond these thoughts, we urge you to explore our eBook on the transformative role of Indian GCCs in Digital Customer Experience (CX) Management, focusing on real-world applications, impacts, challenges, and uncharted practices from Indian GCC leaders of top global enterprises.