Leveraging the Indian in-house GCC model to transform and enhance Digital CX

Did you know that, according to McKinsey, over 75% of customers expect a highly personalized experience throughout their buying journey?

To meet this expectation, many global organizations have begun upgrading their CMS systems to WEM solutions, which offer cross-channel content delivery and user behavior data for personalized experiences. However, simply upgrading to WEM solutions was not enough to align digital touchpoints with traditional channels. That’s why the introduction of DXPs has been so important as a DXPs offers digital CX enhancements, generating insights, leads, and real-time sales actions to help businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences.

A DXP is a one-stop-shop for managing all brand engagement activities. It provides actionable insights for different departments to make informed decisions and take contextualized actions. With a DXP, businesses can streamline digital operations and drive growth.

So, how do in-house Global Capability Centers leverage DXPs to transform digital CX?

That’s what this eBook explores: it provides an in-depth analysis of DXPs’ potential and how multinational enterprises are utilizing them in their digital transformation journeys to enhance digital CX. It sheds light on the scope of DXP and its impact on businesses by discussing the in-house GCC models that are currently leveraging it.

EPAM (a Sitecore implementation partner) sponsors this initiative, and Bamboo Reports (a ResearchNXT product) provides insights on Indian GCCs.

What can you expect from the eBook?

  • Understanding the departmental capabilities of a DXP and how they can support business growth.
  • Exploring the latest digital CX trends that are expected to shape the industry beyond 2024.
  • Gaining insights into the Indian GCC landscape, its challenges, and opportunities.
  • Discovering the digital CX maturity map of Indian GCCs and how they can improve their customer experience.
  • Learning about the critical considerations for successful digital transformation implementations.
  • Examining the CX challenges that global enterprises face in their digital transformation journey.
  • Exploring real-world digital CX use cases that can inspire and inform your own digital strategy.

Our report also includes a bonus section that offers insightful tips from Key Opinion Leaders on how to effectively utilize technology to drive digital transformations and improve customer experience. By reading our report, you will gain valuable peer insights backed by real-world use cases that you can apply to your own business.

The conclusion of the white paper is marked by a compelling case study featuring Sitecore/ EPAM within a relevant industry context, illustrating practical applications of the strategies discussed throughout the document.