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B2C Marketing Automation Report: INDIA, 2017

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Region           : India
Release Date     : 14-June-2017
Pages            : 36

#3 India among the top three countries with most number of MAS providers.
48% Marketers decided to have MAS in their marketing strategy.
61% Marketers evaluating MAS are more inclined towards cloud based platform.
57% Marketers have a well-defined marketing budget allocated for Marketing Technology spends, and 10% of them have more than 8% allocated for it.
70% Marketers are using MAS to increase lead conversion.
60% Marketers and more feel that social media, paid digital media and website are the most effective channels for a marketing campaign.
70% Marketers think Email and SMS marketing are very crucial features of their MAS mix.
63% Marketers say lack of internal skills & expertise is the biggest barrier to implement MAS.

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B2C Marketing Automation Report: INDIA, 2017 | Download Now

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B2C Marketing Automation Report: INDIA, 2017 | Download Now

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