New-age consumers are evolving from being informed and aware buyers to being designers and creators of their user journeys. This massive shift is underway owing to consumers’ access to sophisticated digital technologies and on-demand data on products, services, brands, markets, and trends for both present and the predicted future. Brands, until now that have controlled engagements and experiences based on consumer behaviors, must acknowledge the changing buying landscape and incorporate innovative marketing technologies to deliver on the evolving customer expectations.

Reports Highlights

83% of consumers in the GCC region choose email as their preferred channel for brand engagement.

83% of consumers in the GCC region use their mobile phones to consume content.

53% consumers in the GCC region love to receive informational content.

43% consumers engage most with brand communication on their mobile phones during late evening.

55% of marketers in the GCC region say that scattered user engagement strategies and the lack of technology are the top challenges for driving effective consumer engagement.

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