Southeast Asia Response Guide - 2021

The Best of Business Strategies In The New Normal

This eBook titled “The Best of Business Strategies In The New Normal” is an outcome of our discussions with business leaders across prominent industries and business functions from the Southeast Asian market over the last couple of months. We learned about the business strategies implemented by these business leaders to address the shift in consumer sentiments and the emerging new normal.

This report captures the best of bounce-back strategies for the emerging industries and business functions in the South East Asian region and will be a go-to guide for most businesses in the region in their transformation journey in 2021 and beyond.

Reports Highlights

Focus on the Last-Mile Delivery

Increase in Ancillary Revenues

Digital-First Approach

The upsurge of Audio Platforms

Rise of Self-service platforms

Redesigning Supply Chain

Remote & Virtual Work Force

AI & Digital transformation

Service Delivery Innovations

Data Driven Marketing

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We are innovating by creating newer digital models to enhance interactions and experiences. And we're looking a lot more on the front-end agility and ensuring the back end can support any customization required at the Front-end.

Anil Gautam Managing Director - DHL eCommerce, Malaysia

The proudest innovation that we did is that we built a system that identifies a non-performing route voluntarily and automatically launches aligned marketing campaigns without any human intervention and manual analysis.

Ravi Shankar Chief Growth Officer Air Asia

When businesses start to plan, the focus should be on incremental innovation, incremental benefit, and incremental improvement on the current existing product, or is basically switching towards a very new product.

Johnny Widodo CEO, OLX Group, Indonesia

It is about removing things that you do not need; it could be just the middleman or the technology to simplify the business operations. It should have happened before COVID, but nobody focused on it until things happened.

Aaron Foo Head of Product Strategy, iCarAsia

After the wave of remote or work from anywhere trend, the extension of that trend will be many employers also allowing for the ‘BYOD - Bring Your own Device’. And because of this, the whole IT security landscape will evolve.

Karunjit Kumar Dhir Co-founder, SCIKEY

Everything about our service is digital and mobile-first. We found that people had more time to pause and sort out their finances. We also found that people were more responsive to interacting with financial services in a digital way.

Walter de Oude Founder of Singlife and Deputy Chairman of Aviva Singlife