In this report, we identified what you need to know to make the most of ABM efforts, and where you can find further opportunities for competitive advantage.

This research was conducted over two months during which we connected with more than 100 Indian B2B marketing leaders, to discuss their views on ABM. This Comprehensive guide details the concept of ABM to simplify the process of its implementation.

Reports Highlights

62% Survey participants have already implemented ABM in their marketing strategy.

50% of those who have not implemented ABM, intend to do it next year.

83% find ABM to be Extremely or Somewhat effective.

51% the respondents optimized their marketing programs for target accounts with ABM.

65% Participants use CRM as part of the ABM Tech Stack.

44% respondents said, to align sales and marketing; both should be collaborated to build a Healthy Pipeline.

Client Testimonial

Shesha Rao, Former MD, India India Ops InsideView