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Omnichannel Personalization in eCommerce – Report

The ability of buyers to find the precise product faster and effortlessly in an eCommerce platform is a definitive competitive advantage for any brand. However, with the rise of multiple touchpoints, it is increasingly important to engage shoppers seamlessly across all avenues to improve conversions, better customer experience, and increase retention. That’s why leading brands are going ahead with Omnichannel Personalization on their double.

With the current new normal, eCommerce brands are heavily relying on online communication more than ever and simultaneously activating omnichannel personalization across all channels more aggressively. We, at Research NXT have initiated this study to delve into the ever-innovative omnichannel personalization best practices from eCommerce Marketers in the US in 2020 and beyond. The research will aim to discover the eCommerce industry benchmarks by focusing on Omnichannel Personalization and how AI is aiding it.

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