A Landmark Culmination of Insights in Marketing!

This report is focused on four industry segments: BFSI, OTT, e-commerce & D2C, and digital-first businesses, and also includes perspectives from industry experts in the AI, ML, and marketing technology space.

Content Marketing Done Right: Trends and Best Practices Report

Content marketing continues to have a very impactful influence on the decision to purchase a company’s product or services. Marketers are increasingly using content marketing tactics, along with technology, to better engage with their buyers to educate, update, and guide them. To understand the buzz around the growing popularity of Content Marketing we at Research […]

B2C Marketing Automation Report: INDIA, 2017

A report that tracked the Implementation & Adoption of B2C Marketing Automation in India This report aims to understand the adoption of MAS [Marketing Automation Solution] in Indian B2C organizations and identify the most commonly used features, drivers and restraints. Share insights on Pricing Models, ROI Measurement & Challenges while implementing MAS. And help B2C […]

Corporate Gifting Trends Report: India, 2019

The gifting industry in India has registered a strong growth over the past decade thanks to consumer’s rising income levels and ambitions. Of the overall Industry, corporate sector enjoys the lion’s share. It is of utmost importance for an organization to make sure they keep in touch with their customers to nurture the relationship and […]

eTutoring Best Practices Whitepaper 2016

One of the fastest-growing eLearning industry, yet shrinking in terms of the number of companies! “The number of E-Tutoring companies has gone down from 450 plus companies in 2010 to less than 250 companies in 2015” CEOs, COOs, Strategy & Business Leaders from leading E-Tutoring companies have participated and shared their perspective with us. The E-Tutoring Best Practices […]